Click For Lessons

I found this great service today when a number of my students were looking for current Web 2.0 sites.  This online free service called Click For Lessons allows you to look for music lessons, dance lessons, or art lessons by typing in what you are looking for and the zipcode where you would like to have the lesson taught.

It’s an interesting site that utilizes two types of partnership agreements if you are a teacher.  One is that the Click For Lessons site will market you and send you leads, basically you become a teacher for them.  The other is a free listing that allows you to reach 100,000 plus students per month and only charges you for a lead sent to you.  Students can look at your page (created on their site) and there is no charge until they actually send you a contact letter.

There is no charge for anyone looking for an instructor.  It’s free to browse the listings of instructors and view the information about them.

When you find an instructor and click on them it takes you to a web page about them and includes, photos, a profile, feedback about them, videos, and other info.  In addition, everyone listed is geo-tagged so you can see a Google map pointing you directly to where they teach the lessons.

All in all, it’s a pretty great idea and a great business model.  If you are a studio teacher, you just might want to try this service.  The state that up to 80% of all leads turn into actual lessons.   If you’re looking for local music lessons in your area, there is no reason not to try this. 

Here is the link, good hunting:

        J. Pisano

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