I’ve used these guides for a number of years in my classes and it’s amazing to me how hard they are to find using Google, unless you choose your keywords very specifically. These guides are free from http://www.shure.com and they contain a wealth of useful and succinct audio related information for music educators or those running theater performances in their schools.

Granted, they hype their own mics in the literature, but can you blame them? Shure has put out quality microphones for decades and the information in these PDFs is transferable to any audio solution that you might choose or own.

Grab these PDFs from MusTech.net at our ESnips file server:

Theater Performances PDF -Click It!

Music Educators Audio Guide PDF -Click It!

To find more great and FREE useful articles (or these two directly) about audio, video, or tips and tricks regarding live sound reinforcement visit Shure’s library directly here:


Unless you live under a rock and don’t have the ADOBE FREE READER, you can get it here:

Adobe Reader Get It Now!

J. Pisano

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