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Title: trakAx PC

Category: Freeware Audio Editor, Mixer, Looper

Description: A freeware title that allows you to mix music and videos in a very elaborate, graphically pleasing, and fun environment. 

Screen SnapShot:

Image of Trak Ax

Tested On Which System (before posting): VISTA

Teaching Ideas: It’s hard to believe this one is FREE -it is!  Although for the non-audio editing person this software can be kind of tricky, it really is easy to use for this type of software.  Make your own audio/video mixes.  Take advantage of its very clever “beat matching” technology and unleash the creative spirit that is inside you and your students.  Once your “on” to this software you will find it one of your favorites!

Home Page: www.trakax.com

Download Links:


Mustech.net’s BESTMUSICFREEWARE @ esnips.com:
Direct from Mustech.net’s esnips.com account -Click it!

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