Wow!  What a tumultuous four days!

I moved from ardenthosting to bluehost…  it was akin to having a root canal.  The whole reason for the move was the popularity of…it was eating up too much bandwidth and my old host wasn’t in the price range I was looking for to move up, granted they are amazing and I’m keeping a few of my other sites with them still.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Had to acquire a new host…
  2. Had to change the DNS servers
  3. Still waiting to for full DNS propagation  (I cheated, so I could get to my site and have it work using the HOSTS file and bypassed the DNS altogether)
  4. Had to migrate wordpress from one host to another…this is where the grief really started
    1. Exported the wordpress sql (the guts of this site)
    2. Copied my other files to bluehost
    3. Changed some config files and imported the sql file…all was well, NOT!  Due to different version of SQL and competing character encoding schemes (Latin, Swedish and UTF) all the characters were messed up!
    4. Spent hours trying to figure out to fix #3… and learned more about mySQL and PHP than I cared too…
    5. Fixed it!
  5. Made this post!
  6. Having a much better day now. :) Going to have some coffee!
  7. Will start posting again tomorrow!

To quote Owen Bradley: “Technology is WONDERFUL, when it WORKS!”


                          J. Pisano

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