Update 11/19/2019:

It is very interesting how many people find this article that I wrote well over a decade ago looking for the snow globe…. (It’s currently being read 50-75 times a day) during the holidays.

The original link no longer works, but you can find it here: (It’s a SWF, and you’ll need to enable FLASH)

If you like this and/or know of any other cool snow globes please take a minute and comment in the comment section below. 


I remember seeing this a few years ago and it still is amazingly entertaining to me.  It reminds of Little Computer People, a game from 1985 on the Commodore 64.  It was originally written as an advertisement for getsomesleep.com (which I believe is now defunct).


Picture of snowglobe flash animation

This animation goes on and on with the people getting into fights, the snowman eating the snowman maker, fist fights, ski jumping, and an old man yelling out the windows.  If you wait long enough the old man will sleep walk into the glass and when you’ve had enough, you can just grab the globe (with your mouse) and shake it up causing all the people to fly around, screaming, and tumbling.   It’s hysterical!

Check it out here and get it for your desktop or send it to friends:


You’ll need flash to make it work.  There are links that allow you to send it to a friend and you can even download it to your computer.  Either way it’s pretty entertaining.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

J. Pisano

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