I am going to start a new series of MUST HAVE MUSIC FREEWARE.  In the end, I am going to list a couple of dozen music technology related freewares (mostly PC based) and turn them into a collection page called the Music Educator’s Freeware Toolkit.  Over the past year I have listed a number of freewares on this site and plan on continuing this endeavour, in particular, over the next few months.
 Music Educator’s Freeware Toolkit (Currently- filling our toolbox)

Title: Notation Software’s Notation Player

Category: Freeware MIDI file player

Description: A Midi file player that allows you to SEE the notation as it plays the file.

Teaching Ideas:  Use this in class to view musical pieces instead of only listening to them.  There are an unlimited amount of MIDI music files available from the web.  Start with the classical archives in your search for MIDI files.

Home Page: www.notation.com

Download Links:


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