Hello all,

I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  There will be more of the “Best Music Freeware” & “Must Have Freeware” coming in the next couple of weeks.  I intend to finish up my favorite music freeware in the next 10 posts or so.  Then I am going to follow with a new series that showcases freeware programs that I use on a day to basis that help me to get things done with my computer and day to day operations.  These will include file utilities, graphic programs, video and more. 

Please feel free to “chime” in if you know of something that I don’t write about or know of something that is better than those I have listed.  I’ve saved some of the very best music freeware programs for last.  Stay tuned!

In an unrelated “mega music world shocker” that transpired over the last couple of weeks… did you all catch what the Eagles did through Wal-Mart?  They cut a deal with Walmart to release their latest album without a record label… and they’ve already sold over a million copies.  This created an amazing stir in the record and distribution agencies.   This move by the Eagles will no doubt be copied by others.  

Keep watching this happening as fans of free agency and haters of walmart squabble along with the record industries as to what this “all” means for the future of music production and sales.  I am very interested to see how this will “play out” in the future.  Comments Welcome.


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