There are a number of great online programs that offer ear training/solfeggio type of exercises.  GNU Solfege allows you to have ear training exercises with you all the time -for FREE and without an active internet connection. 

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When I first found this software I was ecstatic.  We have used a number of software packages in the past for our students, Practica Musica, Mac GAMUT, etc. and they all do a fine job.  GNU offers similar experiences, though not as aesthetically pretty, for no cost.

This is the kind of software you need to put onto your school computers and into your school’s computer lab.  It costs nothing and all you need is a set of speakers or headphones with the computer to make it work.

This software offers the following features:

  • training with melodic and harmonic intervals
  • chord identify
  • scale identify
  • singing practice (limited)
  • melodic dictation
  • harmonic dictation
  • rhythmic dictation
  • and more

All in all it’s a pretty nice freeware package.

Download this directly from: or
Download it from our freeware site at esnips:

    joseph pisano

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