The second Cease and Desist letter from Universal Edition, put a stop to one of the best efforts I’ve seen to put expired copyrighted scores into the hands of those that don’t have the means to acquire them otherwise. On Saturday October 13, 2007, another “library” was forced to close their doors to the public.

I don’t blame Feldmahler, the project leader for the group, for his decision though. He doesn’t have the time or the resources to do what Universal Edition is demanding of him. I’m not one to go against international copyright law, or ours for that matter, but this whole thing just reeks of the “big guy” squashing the “little man” again. Just when we had a little light of hope…where is the good news? The world has lost access a legitimate treasure trove of music information with the closing of this site. The people of did nothing wrong and WERE very concerned about protecting copyright(s).

I sincerely hope that one of the larger, more powerful, and financially able music websites will pick up this project and continue it. We at would be happy to support the continuation of IMSLP, within our means, and are sending a letter out to the folks at IMSLP to that intent.

You can read about the differences in international time frames of copyright and the rest of the mumbo-jumbo here along with a very heartfelt letter from

Want to know what IMSLP was all about, check out our article here:


Joseph Pisano

Thanks to Joe Severyn for bringing this issue to our attention…

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