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Title: The “E” Chromatic tuner

Category: Freeware Tuning Application

Description: A computer based tuner that shows you a waveform and the frequency that you are playing on the screen. Allows for multiple audio inputs to be selected.

Screen SnapShot:
Chromatic Tuner Picture

Tested On Which System (before posting): XP

Teaching Ideas: If you have a laptop, then this is a must have for you. You can literally have this tuner with you anytime you have your laptop at your side. Try connecting this to your LCD projector or television for use in conjunction with tuning your ensembles as a visual aid to help the with their tuning abilities.

Home Page: kmacleod.hostingisfree.com

Download Links:


Mustech.net’s BESTMUSICFREEWARE @ esnips.com:
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