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Title: NCH Swift Sounds’ Tempo Perfect Metronome

Category: Freeware PC Metronome

Description: The best freeware metronome I’ve come across.  It allows you to choose from multiple audio hardware outputs, includes a sub-dividible beat option, and has a tempo guide built in.  Very Nice looking and well done.

Screen SnapShot:

Metronome Picture

Tested On Which System (before posting): VISTA

Teaching Ideas: If you have a laptop, then this is a must have for you. You can literally have this metronome at anytime.  Because it’s freeware you can give it to your students as a practice aid.  The sub-dividable beat option will come in “handy” when working out harder rhythmic patterns.  The listing of the tempo ranges (allegro, presto, etc.) will also serve as a learning aid for those that use the metronome freeware tool.

Home Page: http://nch.com.au

Download Links:


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