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Title: JAM

Category: Freeware Chord Player

Description: A freeware title that allows you to enter chords by simple text and hear them back in midi song format.

Screen SnapShot:


Tested On Which System (before posting): VISTA

Teaching Ideas: This is a great little program that can easily be translated into the classroom.  It is very easy to learn and will allow you and your students to explore chord progressions, transpositions and chord variations.  You can even cut and paste from a word processor into this program (using their text format).  Great for teaching common chord progressions like the Blues or I, vi, V, vi -etc.  This also could be used as a stripped down version of band in a box to allow student to practice jazz/music changes.  Please note it only plays back the chords, not an arrangement of them.  Nonetheless, it is very useful!

Home Page: http://pyva.net/eng/jam/

Download Links:


Mustech.net’s BESTMUSICFREEWARE @ esnips.com:
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