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Title: Anivl Studio

Category: Freeware MIDI Sequencer/Editor

Description: A MIDI editor that allows you to record music with MIDI.  A full featured MIDI sequencer and composition tool with unlimited MIDI tracks. Includes ASIO, VST and VSTi support.

Screen SnapShot:

Anvil Studio Pict.

Tested On Which System (before posting): XP

Teaching Ideas: The possibilities for a fully featured MIDI sequencer like this are endless.  You can use this software to help meet almost any of the National Music Standards.  This software is slightly more complex the most early elementary grades will be able to handle but your middle-school/high school kids will love  it!

Home Page: anvilstudio.com

Download Links:


Mustech.net’s BESTMUSICFREEWARE @ esnips.com:
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