I thought I would share one of the web resources that I use to keep track of the many music related blogs that I follow.  It’s called a pagecast and it’s from http://pageflakes.com

You can create your own if you would like by visiting their site and signing up for a free account.  The Music, Technology and Education Pagecast is brought to you courtesy of mustech.net and has a number of great blogging and RSS resources aggregated into one web location for ease of access.

Here is a screen shot of the Music, Technology and Education Pagecast:

Pagecast from mustech.net 

 Here are the sites I have included in the pagecast:

  1. Music Education Magic, Chad Criswell
  2. Mustech.net, Joseph Pisano
  3. Composing Like Mad, Travis Weller
  4. Catalysts and Connections, Evan Tobias
  5. Audio Lemon
  6. James Frankel, Music Technology
  7. Glued to the String, STan Haskins
  8. Making Music Matters, Audrey Podmore
  9. Podcasts from Mustech.net, Joseph Pisano
  10. MusicEdNews
  11. Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog
  12. The Digital Music Educator, Owen Bradley
  13. Music Education in the News (Aggregate from mustech.net)
  14. Miikka Salavuo
  15. About Music Education, Espie Estrella
  16. Suite 101: Music Education
  17. Podcomplex
  18. Guitar Teacher’s Lessons

I hope you like this and get some REAL use out of it.  I check it everyday, it’s how I keep pace.  Please let me know what you think of it.

Access it directly: http://pageflakes.com/musictechnology
Access it via Clix: http://clix.to/mnews


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