I thought it was time to remind/tell about and announce to the readers of our weblog some of the awesome RSS feeds and NEWS features that are a part of mustech.net.  I know that you love our articles, posts and podcasts but there is so much more!  If you look down the left sidebar of mustech.net, you will find the latest News and Headlines about Music Education and Music Technology.  These are custom feeds that I have either designed or aggregated from thousands of news sources.  They include:

  • Asides: News and Announcements that I find particularly interesting
  • Recent Comments: The latest from people our sites who are linking to mustech.net or commenting
  • Music Education in the News: Aggregated from over 4000 News sources!  The latest, most current news related to music and education on the web!
  • Music Technology in the News: Aggregated from over 4000 News sources! The latest, most current news related to music and technology on the web!
  • Other Great Music Articles: These are compiled by our sister site: http://musicednews.com If you have a newsworthy and active blog that you feel would be a good contributor for musicednews.com, please let us know!
  • Sphere news!  Did you like an article you read at mustech.net?  Click on the Sphere link above every post to find even more related articles.
  • News From the Blogosphere:  On the right sidebar is a widget from blogrush that pulls in related news and stories.
  • Become a VIP/Premiere Reader or follow the news of those who are: Click on the reader pane in the right sidebar.
  • Answers Enabled Web Site: Double Click any word on this blog for more information!

Above all, please join our conversation and say hello by leaving a comment at any post!  It is great to know when someone has visited and either liked or disliked a post.  LET US KNOW…. REALLY! :) 

Mustech.net is not only striving to bring you relevant and timely information, but we want you to be a part of  it too!  Be a part of our “global conversation” about music, education and technology, get involved today!


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