Our we wasting a time with music advocacy and the current state of music education?  I posted a comment on Travis Weller’s site:  Composing Like Mad on his article entitled “At 3:15 p.m., class is just beginning…” .  Jim Plamondon makes the argument and comments that “people increasingly see music education as a bad investment, relatively speaking… and they might be right”.   He further states (within the context of his comment) that “the effort currently being expended on music education advocacy is wasted…”

In fairness to Jim, he has been working on a new type of keyboard that allows you to enter music notes in pattern based way that allows for an easier transfer of
“finger memory” to different keys when running scales and playing chords (not unlike guitarists and the patterns on strings) and offers his own solutions as to how to get a better “return on our investment” as educators.   I have to read more about what he is trying to accomplish before I can comment on his device and solution with any type of well-thought meaning.

I invite you all to jump over to Composing Like Mad and join the conversation about this important topic by leaving a comment and being a part of the discussion.


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