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Of all the great music industry sites that are available on the web, very few can compare to what Vic Firth offers in the way of educating those who use their products (and for that matter -those that use their competitor’s products as well!).  If you are a budding percussionist or a professional, Vic Firth offers free educational materials that will make you better.  

Sure they want you to buy their products, but they want you to be able to use them right as well!  Vic Firth offers a “second to none” array of free materials to be used by students, performers and educators alike.  I’ve used their free materials for years in my percussion methods course at the college and can tell you they are top rate, first class and indispensable.

With regard to the realm of Snare Drum Studies, they offer an excellent guide to learning the 40 rudiments.  Norm Weinberg’s WebRhythms not only boast a progressive way to learn rhythms, but also include online metronome goals and midi enhancements to help you learn them faster.

Percussion giants Jeff Queen and Mark Wessels offer free online video lessons to learn sticking techniques and rudimental techniques.  These come complete with PDF guides and lesson sheets.

Tom Igoe breaks down rhythms to their essential forms and has a selection of his DVD rhythms online for exploration. You can even download a chart with play-along tracks to learn how to better play the drumset.

Concert and chromatic percussionist can also find an incredible array of free help in the form of video lessons by Giff Howarth, Victor Mendoza and Tom Guaguer. There’s even marching and world percussion help and videos available for free.

To round out their educational offerings, there are over 2 dozen, extremely well written and timely articles from the best percussionists in the field today.   For example, have you ever wanted to learn how to improve your single stroke rolls to 1200 bpm?  Let Peter Madadini guide you with his article: “The Speed Rating Chart”.

Recently they have added video podcasts that are easily to subscribe to with iTunes and there are a pile of them!  I saw over 70 when I connected briefly and that was only one out of three categories for their podcasts.  Guess what?  All Free!

Vic Firth is setting the “gold” standard when it comes to an example of  music industry led educational offerings.   There are so many materials available online, for free, that you could create an entire percussion curriculum from them.  Their website is the farthest thing from “stagnant” and borders on a dream for end users.  The only things missing are a discussion forum and blog…then it would border on a web 2.0 dream and be almost perfect (Need help with that? I’m in!). :)

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