Travis Weller has started his own blog and calls it “Composing Like Mad”.  Travis has been an active participant at and has been featured on as a guest blogger.

If you’ve read any of Travis’ comments here you know he writes well and is a “deep” thinker.  He took up the challenge from our post “Music Education Blogging: A Challenge!” and has come out “guns a’blazing!”.   He has written a number of posts already and will be focusing on music education and wind composition.

Please visit Composing Like Mad today and consider adding his blog to your site and blogrolls.  If you have a chance drop him a line, I’m sure he would appreciate it!


P.S. I’ll make any of you future music education and technology bloggers a deal… If you want to blog, I’ll help you get started!  Send me an email or comment on any of our posts about it and I’ll be sure to contact you and help you with it!

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