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I’ve found a great new way to syndicate your blog and help drive targeted traffic to your site.  You can see it in action on the right side of my site It’s called Blog Rush.  Similiar to Sphere, which you can open by clicking on the Sphere link at the top of any my posts, it provides related information about topics that would be of interest to you readers.  Like Blogmad and BlogExplosion it builds upon the concept of link exchanges.  Blog Rush will list the name of your post and create a clickable link back to your site in a nice looking widget.

I am very excited about this free possibility as it builds upon people who link from your site or use your Blog Rush I.D. … the earlier you get this up and running the more effective it will be for you as it will target more traffic on those that join from your link.  It’s one of the easiest and potentially most effective tools I’ve seen in a while for syndicating your information and pulling in related posts from others.   I don’t have a complete picture of it yet (time will tell if it is effective) as it will not start tracking my stats for another 12 hours or so, but I wanted to let all of you bloggers know about it as early as possible in case it does provide to be a worthwhile endeavor.  This may turn out to be a “must have” for bloggers or it may turn out to be a lot of hype…  I’m thinking it will turn out to be of some help for bloggers, especially for those that have low to moderate traffic.

It is very hard to get the information on our blogs out to the “world” and this looks like it has great potential, especially if it targets similar blog postings to our sites.  It includes a tracker as well so you can see if it is working.  Blog Rush integrates well on WordPress and as it is java based, most likely will work on any blog or web platform.  My advice, if you have a blog, try it …the sooner the better.  If if it doesn’t pan out in a month or so… well, remove the widget! :) No harm, no foul.

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Again, you can  sign up for Blog Rush Here or you can join by clicking the “Add You Blog Posts Free” widget at the right.  There has been a lot of discussion about this new service both pro and con.   Blog Rush certainly is not a “new concept” but it does provide a new “twist” and certainly is worth your consideration.

Do you have any SEO or syndicating tips for your fellow bloggers… let us know here by leaving a comment or post a link to your article in our comment section below!


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