When I was browsing the contents of the Pittsburgh’s most famous big-little music store this summer, Pianos -n- Stuff, I came across this little gem of a tuner:

Qwik Tune Guitar Chord Finder and Tuner

It’s called the Qwik Tune GP1 Guitar Professor and is an electronic guitar tuner, pitch pipe and chord finder all in one.   You can find these at most online music stores for under $15.00 US.

I’ve used it extensively and it’s very handy and accurate.  Not only does it include references to standard major and minor chords but also 7ths and 9ths -over 250 chords in all.

If you’re a part-time guitar player like me and are constantly finding yourself without your chord book, this little tuner is pretty awesome and you can keep it’s small enough to keep anywhere.

Looking for an online tuner?  Check out this article @ mustech.net!


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