Well, it’s been a long summer…  I have not posted as much as I would have liked but I’m gearing up for a great school year!  I will be changing the look of this site in the very near future to better suite the tremendous amount of information contained within the confines of MUSicTECHnology.net. I intend to go to a three column format that allows for more information to appear on the pages at the same time.

I will also begin posting on a regularly updated schedule come Sept. 1st and plan on going back to 3-4 posts per week. We have reached well over 50,000 readers in the last 8 months and I hope to double that number before the end of the school year!

I will be doing a lot of speaking around the United States this year, at various conferences, and I will keep you up to date in the case that you might like to attend one of the lectures/conferences.  The first engagement is speaking event at NEOMEA at Kent State University on October 12, 2007.  The topic will be High School Band Directors and Hearing.  In January, I will be speaking at FMEA in Florida and also at the TI:ME conference in Michigan.  FMEA’s topic will be mentoring in the digital age and at TI:ME, I will be speaking about Web 2.0 and syndication.  I’ll keep you posted on those and others as they near!

In the mean time, I will be increasing the amount of Expert Guest Contributions to this weblog.  I have a number of fascinating individuals lined up and I can’t wait to present their writings to you. 

A number of you have written me in the past month and apologize that I have not been able to get back to all of you due to my hectic schedule.  My schedule is beginning to stabilize as the college year approaches and I’ll be able to respond in a much quicker fashion in the near future.   As this was my first official year as a blogger, I can witness that blogging takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources.  In the end, it’s worth it!


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