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About three years ago I attended a Jazz Ambassador’s concert in Chicago at the Midwest Clinic. At it, the director spoke of a number of resources that they make available free to the public. One of their offerings was a complete Jazz chart entitled Porch Swingin; we played it at one of last year’s concert.

There are a number of free resources including lesson plans, music charts, articles and other resources that would be of interest to any music educator (not just U.S. music educators!). The U.S. military bands’ also offer requestable free CDs of most of their literature. As you may know, these bands ARE the heritage of our own concert band programs in the U.S. and you can be sure that the recordings they offer are of the highest qualities both in musicianship and audio fidelity.

The U.S. Army Field Band Resources are found here and here is a list of some of their offerings:

The Legacy of Aaron Copland
A recording by The Soldiers’ Chorus

Inside the Big Band -Porch Swingin
Educational video by The Jazz Ambassadors’

The Joy of Singing
Educational video by The Soldiers’ Chorus

In My Dream
A Celebration of African-American Music

Seven Hills (CD offered online only)
Includes printable charts and transcribed solos

The U.S. Navy Band Music Educational Resources can be found here and here are some of their music article offerings:

The Percussion Section in the Concert Hall

My Transition from Performer to Conductor

Rotary Valve Maintenance

Why On Earth Does My French Horn Section Sound Like That?

Keeping The Saxophone Quartet in Tune

So You Think You Want To Be An Arranger

At the end of this week, I am going to post a more comprehensive link structure to/about the U.S. military bands and their information.


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