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I’ve recently come across a freeware midi piano player that is more interesting and useful than some of the others I’ve used in the past.  This one is worth the download. MidiPiano is Windows Freeware.  It allows you to open any midi file and watch its keyboard “play” the keys.  You may assign any of the midi channels to the left or right hand to view individual parts  and  mute unwanted tracks/channels depending on your needs or focus with this visual, virtual keyboard

This software also allows you to use the PC keyboard as a music keyboardl. With it, you may assign any of the 128 General Midi Sounds to the PC keys for listeining and playback.  Additionally, you may also record a MIDI file of what you play using the software and playback or save it.

This software will also allow you to plug any midi input device(s) into the software and have itss output sent to any installed midi devices in your computer.  For instance, if you have a midi keyboard (usb, ekeys, etc.) that does not generate its own sounds, you can use this to play your PC’s internal soundcard sounds using the midi keyboard as an input.

There are also a number of cool plugins that are included with the software such as a guitar tuner, metronome and midi event monitor (a device to “see” the midi code list in realtime).  This software is fairly new and easy to use. I hope it continues to be supported as there is a real need for updated freeware such as this.

The software can be found here:

Find it here: (update 6/2011)


At the author’s site, open source code can be found for use in developing third party plugins for this software.  There is also a link for donations if you like the software.

This software has a number of uses for music teachers; especially those integrating technology into their courses.

If you have/use any other freeware piano programs like this for Mac or Linux, please let us know!  If you already are using something like this in class or find this useful please share your experiences with us as well! :)

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