While searching Technorati, I recently ran across V. Keith Mason’s informative and very promising new site: Music Tech for Me.  The site has only been operating since March of this year and has posted numerous articles and three podcasts.  Personally, I am very excited to see the growing number of experts like Keith Mason join the global conversation about topics like those discussed on this site.

More about the Music Tech for Me:

Music Tech for ME is dedicated to educating, informing, and instructing music educators in using and implementing music technology. Even if you’re not a music educator, you can still learn about the numerous technological tools and resources that are available to assist anyone interested in the process of creating or teaching music. The basic themes that emcompass this site and podcast are “Music, Music Technology, and Music Education.

His last three podcasts were very informative and included topics about Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), Finale, Up-grading operating systems and his vision for the site/podcasts.  Please stop by and welcome him today: http://www.musictechforme.com

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