Well, I have to tell you I honestly tried to put together this list but… we’re awful as music educators getting the word out about our blogs.   There are only 133 out of 70+million blogs in the world labeled as “music education” in Technorati.  Of those 133, about half of them are “fake” blogs or “splogs” and have nothing to do with music education. So, graciously, taking the the number “66” for real “music education blogs”, we find that those listed on Technorati make up a mere .00000008% of the blogs in the world. Woot!

Interestingly enough, I started this topic with the idea of only considering Music Education blogs.  I couldn’t find enough relevant blogs within the results while searching for the term “Music Education” so I added “Music Technology” to the “mix” and expanded the search.  I still couldn’t fill the list! 

Now… I know that there are a few good music education blogs that I have talked about on this site that I can not find listed with Technorati (maybe some of you don’t know about it?).  In order to find the top ranked music education blogs for this article,  I used the advance search function within Technorati and searched for they keywords: “music education”, “music technology, and music, education and technology.  The results of the searches and my “parsing” will be listed toward the end of this post.

Why use Technorati as a benchmark?

Technorati is an extremely important search engine and ranking system in the blog world.  It can be source of much targeted traffic to our blogs.  If you have a great music blog and it is not listed at Technorati, you are missing a whole lot of people and traffic to your blog.

In the defense of some really great “music technology” blogs that are found in Technorati but are blogs that I did not count toward this list -I can tell you that I didn’t count many of the “music technology” blogs because there are two types of thoughts that can be contrived when thinking about the term “music technology”…  I did not include “music technology” blogs that were specifically about gear, software, audio and related hardware in this list.  I included the “music technology” blogs that deal with using “music technology” in education and in the classrooms, etc.

A plea for all of the music education and technology bloggers out there:

So, I’m making this plea again, if you have a blog (not a website) about music education or music technology and feel that your blog is active enough to be included in this list (which I’m going to update in about two months), please do the following things:

1. Register your blog with Technorati. Go to the site and choose “Claim Your Blog”.  When you do, be sure to include one or more of the following in you “Blog Settings” TAG fields: Music, Education, Technology, Music Education or Music Technology or all of them! If you include “music education” or “music technology” in one tag field, you will be found for sure; then I’ll be sure to find you next time around!

2. Don’t be a hoarder of your “precious” blog and it’s contents, include others in your blogroll or blog about other similar sites.  If you blog about my site: or include me in your blogroll, you can be assured that I will know about it immediately (through trackbacks, see my article about this, it’s been called one of the best about this subject on the web) and I will, no doubt, link back to you either through the blogroll here or in some other way if your blog is really about music, education or similar topics.  Check my blogroll to see who is on it; it’s in the sidebar, be sure to check the blogroll of other bloggers as well!

3. Note: This article is about Technorati listed blogs, so you need to be listed on/with Technorati to be included in this list.  To do this, see number 1 above!  If you can’t figure it out, send me an email or reply to this post, I’ll help you.

4. I’m only considering English written blogs for this article and list. My apologies to all others. 

5.  How do I determine, who gets on this list?  Well first of all you need to be listed with Technorati (did I mention this?).  Secondly, I have to be able to find your blog by using the following search terms: “music education”, “music technology”, or the three keywords (typed in at once): music education technology. Just because you may have written one or two articles about the topic, doesn’t mean you really are a music education/technology site.  You also need to be an active blogger, at least 1 post every other week at a minimum and writing mostly about useful experiences and helpful articles, not simply a diary of sorts… sure there is a little whim and interpretation of blog content involved, but I’m not going to turn this into a thesis or anything!  :) And finally, at some point, I would like to include only those with a Technorati Authority Rank of 10 and above (not going to happen on our first post).

If your on this list, and you’ve never heard of, please consider adding our site to your blogroll! We would appreciate it! As a matter of fact, feel free to add any of the great sites listed here, let’s spread the world about music education and technology and expand the Global Conversations we start with our blogs!  If you don’t have a blogroll or way to include others writing similar content, please consider finding a way to do so.

So here goes the list: (The Technorati Authority given is in the parenthesis)
Drumroll please!

  1. Music Education Magic (68) 
  2. Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog (58)
  3. (51)
  4. Music Education (31)
  5. Catalysts & Connections (25)
  6. Music Technology in Education (24)
  7. SoundSlope (16)
  8. The Digital Music Educator (12)
  9. (12)
  10. Podcomplex Music Technology Resources (10)
  11. Miikka Salavuo (9)
  12. Compatible World (9)
  13. The Public Thoughts of a Music Educator in Washington, DC (3)
  14. Percussion Education Blog (2)
  15. Music Tech for ME (1)

Help me find the other 10 missing Technorati Music Education and Music  Technology sites! Maybe you’re one of them! If so, send me an email via the contact tab above, add https://www.mustech.netto your blogroll, write an article about (I like this one!), or leave a reply below!

Want to see some of the mounds I sifted through? Click on any of the Technorati Links Below:


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