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There has been a lot of articles about podcasting being posted recently in the “blogosphere”.  If your “new to it”, the idea of podcasting can be a little bit intimidating, especially for those not technically savvy.  I have recently come across a totally free and comprehensive software package and site that will turn the “process” into a lot of fun and make the recording process a lot easier: WildVoice.

WildVoice offers a free-to-post online community.  I am very impressed with their site and the ease-of-use of their interfaces, whether posting, uploading, recording or whatever; it’s fun and features great options and graphics.   WildVoice allows you a free 200mb storage area for saving posts, videos, images or podcasts.

If you are looking for a multi-media “blog” community, this may be for you.  Unlike some other blogging communitties, WildVoice has it’s web 2.0 features integrated seamlessly and is a joy to use.   

One of the best features offered by WildVoice is the free podcasting software offered as free a download (and indeed is free to use).  This software (PC only) works wonders for composing a podcast and takes the edge off the “complexity factor”.  It’s called WildVoice Podcast Studio and it’s the only all in one freeware solution that I know of for podcasters.

“WildVoice Podcast Studio makes it easy to record and publish your own podcasts online. The program provides an interface that enables you to record your podcast with your microphone, add background music and insert a variety of sound effects (meow, gun shot, dog bark and more than 100 others) to add a professional touch to your recording. You can organize your recordings in in multiple segments, which are later combined to create a single MP3 file. If you want to take it further, you can sign-up for a free account with WildVoice, that allows you to automatically upload and publish your podcast on their site. “

The great thing about their software is that you don’t actually have to have a WildVoice Account to take advantage of it.  You can use the software and save it to an mp3 to be used with any online podcasting community or your own website.  It even basic mp3 tagging as part of the program (with the option to add a picture directly to your mp3!). 

If you are an educator thinking about experimenting with classroom podcasting or someone who is just starting with podcasting, this is a great “no cost” solution to meet your needs.  Use the software stand alone or get your own WildVoice account and easily upload your production to the WildVoice servers, they are both win situations!

Get an Account: http://www.wildvoice.com

Get the Software: http://wildvoice.com/Pages/WildVoice_Studio.aspx 

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