Update:  I have finished the change over to Wordpress 2.2.  It did not go as smoothly as I wanted, nor as fast.  For those interested in WordPress type things….  WordPress 2.2 and the K2 theme do not play nicely together as of yet.  WordPress incorporated the widgets plugin into their theme this time which destroys the ability to use the K2 sidebar modules without a code workaround.  I also found that my theme was not compatible with the new version of K2, so I had to tweak a bunch of things to get it back up and operating… Long story short -we’re back!

Please let me know if you experience any problems with the site or experience any similar problems with your upgrades…



Please standby as we upgrade to Wordpress Version 2.2.  
The K2 theme needs to be updated and is now giving me problems…
This may take a day or two before everything looks right!

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