A friend of mine, Ken Isles, has begun work collecting musical instruments (in any working condition), and donations for the Heritage Community Marching Band. There are a number of organizations and people performing similar great acts of charity for the residents of New Orleans but I feel that Ken has really found a uniquely worthy group in the Hermitage Community Marching Band organization. Ken and his associates are collecting ALL types of instruments and related music items and personally delivering them to the band. He and his colleagues will drive the instruments and all donated items to New Orleans in mid-to late July of this year (2007). If you can afford to help out with this effort, in any way, I know that the students will genuinely appreciate and utilize your gifts to their fullest potential. In addition, Ken will be providing receipts of all donations directly to the donors.

I am including all the information you need to contact Ken and his associates directly in the following two PDF files to prevent unwarranted spamming and usage of the conatct information or you can contact me directly using the contact page (I’d be happy to field any questions for and to Ken). Additionally, much more detailed information about the effort and the Hermitage Community Marching Band itself may also be found in the PDF files:

A letter from Heritage Community Band to Ken

A circular that Ken and associates have been publishing in various papers and to schools (Includes email and other contact information).

A little about the GREAT things the Heritage Community Marching Band is doing for their young folk, aspiring musicians and leaders of tomorrow:

The Heritage Community Marching Band has been in existence since 1991. This band affords the opportunity for inner-city kids to be a part of  a marching band. A point of interest: the band directors at present were once members of the Heritage Community Marching Band. They were members since 5th grade, went to college on a Heritage Band Scholarship and have returned to direct the band. They do a lot more than teach music, they teach study skills, self-esteem building, test taking skills and much more.

They pay for their students to take the ACT test. They assist them in their pursuit of a college education. All of their programs are free of charge.

Please forward this to anyone or any entity that might be interested in lending a helping hand to this worthwhile organization.

Pisano Sig.

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