One of the last assignments in Music Technology 221, for the year, was to perform a presentation about a website that the college students felt was useful to them or one that they visited frequently. The site had to be in some way related to their music field. At Grove City College, the Music Dept. offers music degrees in: Music, Music Education, Music and Religion, Music and the Performing Arts and Music Business. The following are a selection of their answers:

Category: Choral Music

This site was used by a student to help them with the advanced choral conducting class wherein they have to compile a list of of all the choral music they have ever sung. The site contains a wealth of choral information about songs, including publishing information, voicings, style, difficulty and more. This site is a very useful resource for music/choral educators.

Category: Trumpet Related

Many of the music “guilds” have their own online presences. The Trumpet Guild is specifically for trumpet players. In addition to trumpet related information, it contains job information, calendar links to concerts and competitions, a youth site, and a “ask the teacher” forum.

Category: Music Theory and Ear Training

This website is full of information concerning music theory and solfeggio. The theory tutorials provided start very basic and can progress from there. Additionally, the solfeggio portion provides many different exercises of various difficulty levels.

Category: Music Search Engine

This website is a search engine that seeks out audio files on the internet and presents them as a playable playlist. The songs are not downloadable from within the program, but you can share your playlists with others.

Category: Percussion Related

This website is very useful for the drummer and the music educator. It may be the most thorough online reference about specific drummers, their music and styles. It contains a massive amount of biographies that include audio and video samples.

Category: Music Education

8notes.com is a reference for musicians that offers fingering charts, chord charts, ear trainers, tuners, metronomes and midi to sheet music conversions. Additionally, a number of instrument free sheet music can be found there.

Category: Music Education

The website is a music education site for all levels of musical expertise. There are many music teacher related resources that can found there including: Articles, Lesson Plans, Private Lesson Help, Advice and more.

Category: Free Sheet Music

IMSLP attempts to create a virtual library containing all public domain musical scores, as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music with the world without charge

Category: Music Theory (Guitar Related)

MoneyChords.com is a one source stop for free Guitar Chord Lessons, Chord Progression Studies, Tablature, Songwriting Resources, and Jazz/Standard Chord Substitutions and more.

Category: Music Religion/Worship/Christian

For those planning on going into Christian Worship Leadership, this site offers many free resources including: chord sheets, lyrics, powerpoint lyrics, midi files, recordings and many other resources useful to a Worship leader.

Joseph Pisano

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