Spresent is a free Web-based presentation platform/application built with Flash.  With it, you can create and edit high-quality Flash presentations and save them online.  In addition, you can send the presentations via e-mail or publish them on your web site or blog. Obviously, this works with WordPress!

With multiple language support, this web app. is going to popular indeed.
Currently it supports English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.  They are actively looking for translators to bring it to even more people.

If you are looking for an online PowerPoint alternative that is easy to use, online and in your price range, this is for you.  It’s 100% free and easy to use.


I built the following presentation in 20 minutes. Click it to activate it:

You can save them, embed them into an existing web page (like this) and create a full, stand alone, html page out of them. If you’ve ever done PowerPoint, you can do this… it might even be easier!

Get your account and free access to this amazing software here:

Check out their blog here:

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