I thought I would post this here because it’s not easy to figure out.  If you use a web browser like Opera, you know how cool and useful the “duplicate tab” feature is for web browsing…  However, a quick glance at your “tab features” in IE7 and Firefox might leave you with the thought that you can’t duplicate  or clone an existing tab into a new one that contains the same URL.  You can.

The following procedure allows you to duplicate an existing TAB from within Firefox or IE7.

*Step 1.

Go to a tab that has the site that you want to duplicate.

*Step 2. 

Click on the ADDRESS URL bar of that tab (URL will become highlighted)

*Step 3.

While all the words are highlighted in the ADDRESS BAR, perform the following key combination: hold ALT and press ENTER,  i.e.  ALT+ENTER. Voila! New tab that has the same URL as the one you wanted to clone.

That is all you should need to do to replicate the tab.  So, if you had trouble replicating, duplicating, copying, mirroring, doubling, repeating or just plain cloning the TAB in IE7, or Firefox, now you know how to do it!

I would assume that in the next upgrade of both of these browsers they will add this rather OBVIOUS feature to the right-click functionality of the TAB itself.  It’s a no-brainer… but you know what happens when you assume!


          J. Pisano

Note: Although the tab with the original URL is duplicated, the history is not “duplicated” as it is with Opera. :(

UPDATE: You can find a plugin to help with this for FireFox from Twanno at:

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