RSS feeds are changing the web world of today.  In effect, they are making the web easier to navigate and enabling us to easily find “current” information that we are interested in. 

I have become enamoured with netvibes and pageflakes.  They are enabling me to check all of my email accounts (I have eight, I use constantly), and keep track of all the RSS feeds that are important to me in one place, using one interface.  Don’t know what RSS is? Click here to find out.

I have made two RSS sites, using netvibes and pageflakes, that may be of interest to the readers of  Both of these sites are compiled RSS feeds that I have found to be particularly interesting and active.  All of these sites are written by bloggers focusing on the topics of  Music, Education and Technology. 

Pageflake sites:
Go to to find the compiled list of Music, Technology and Education feeds.

If you have a pageflakes account or register for one, make your own “pageflake” from the above links using this template: Template Link.  This will allow you to add all the a sites into your own template so that you can add to it or delete from it.


Use this link go to the netvibes music and technology rss sites.
(I’ve been waiting for them to officially list it as a tab, providing an easier to read URL)


The sites currently listed with the above pageflakes and netvibes links are as follows:

In addition, there is much more to be done with these types of sites including:

  • Tracking Stocks
  • Adding Calculators, ToDo lists, and Notepads
  • Find Videos and Music
  • Track and Watch Television Shows
  • Read Comics, Play games
  • Integrate calendars and add events
  • And much more! Check the “ADD Flakes” or “ADD Content” links on each site

If you have a site that you would like me to consider adding to the above templates or to the online aggregator, please let me know. 

Musicednews.commakes it easy to add varying, current and informative articles about current music, education and technology to any site.  Simply add it to your blog or site by using the following url:  It’s a standard RSS 2.0 feed. 

Joseph Pisano

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