HD Radio, Did You Miss Something?: Podcast E5

Original Air Date: 4/07/2007

Podcasting Site: http://mustech.podomatic.com

Website: https://www.mustech.net

Podcasters: Joseph Pisano and Darren Morton

Episode 5’s Show:

Joseph and Darren discuss, the technical points and the not-so technical points of HD Radio. It’s coming, it’s here and you need to be in the “know”.  But is it all that it is “cracked up” to be? …

Didn’t know even know about it?  Regardless, listen to this MOST informational podcast and become a HD RADIO GURU!

  • HD Radio
  • AM Radio
  • FM Radio
  • Satellite Radio
  • HD Television
  • RDS (Radio Data System)
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Music provided with permission by Jason Davis:

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