There are a number of new integrated features on that you may not be aware of and I thought it was about time I announced them so you can take full advantage of the powerful features I’ve included into this site.

Totally Cool Features:

  • Hover over any link on the page to see a preview of where it leads to
  • Double-Click on any word on the page and get a definition (while your at it, click on a sponsor that interests you!  :wink: )
  • See related articles from around the web by using the Ajax enabled Sphere: Related  content links located above each article
  • Use the Live Search and Highlight feature, type and wait for answers
  • Check out the AJAX enabled Blogroll in the sidebar, find other related sites
  • Translate the page into any one of eight languages form the sidebar
  • Use the TABS across the top of the site for quick navigation
  • Check out where visitors are coming from by using the clustrmap in the sidebar
  • See who is online and quick stats by visiting the links in the sidebar
  • Play a podcast from within the site by clicking on the play button!

 Sharing, Syndicating and Distributing the Articles:

  • Quick Print -located above each post.
  • Email to a friend -located above each post.
  • Twit This, Twitter fans -located after each single post
  • Social Bookmarking (includes digg, stumbleupon,, blinkbits, taggly and more -located after each single post
  • Subscribe withRSS -located in the sidebar and after each post
  • Custom emails -everytime a new post is sent by registering in the sidebar
  • Subscribe to the Newsletter- every week updates, in the sidebar

Quicklinks to Great Information:

  • Podcasts, Video Series, Noteworthy sites and more located in the sidebar “Quick Links”
  • Check out the select, related music articles coming in from the my custom online aggregator in the sidebar
  • Checkout everything we offer by visiting the archives
  • View related posts from techorati by clicking on the technorati tag links at the bottom of each post

Join in on the Conversation:

  • Leave a comment -after every single post (if your one of our repeat contributors, please don’t forget to get a gravatar, they work in both the comments and the forums!
  • Use the custom emoticons in every comment you make here
  • Start a debate or ask a question in the tech forum
  • Leave a “shout-out” on the tech forum page
  • Leave us a comment by using the Ajax Enabled Comment form

Keep me posted on what you like, what you don’t and what you would like to see! And really, please join in on our conversation here.    :smile: 

~J. Pisano

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