If you are like me, you might find yourself constantly logging in to a plethora of different sites.  Having to [tag]register[/tag] and re-register and remember all the passwords for the sites is both monotonous and frustrating. Recently, especially with the advent of the new “Internet browser war” ([tag]firefox[/tag], [tag]opera[/tag] and[tag] ie7[/tag]), there have been things like “password wizards” and “magic wands” and other fairy-tale programming(s?) that have attempted to help us with all of this “security”. Although, somewhat functional the “wizards” are not exactly perfect for the “job” and you are dependent upon being at a computer where you have already entered the “magic wand information” in order to use them.

Last week I came across a [tag]LiveJournal[/tag] site that allowed me to log-in using an [tag]OpenID[/tag] option.  I wasn’t familiar with the concept, so I “checked it out”.  After studying the ease of use of the program and the open-nature of the platform, I decided I wanted to have my own OpenID.

The concept is “new” if not obvious, but I haven’t seen many other programs incorporating the idea yet.  OpenID starts with the concept that since you can find anything with a [tag]URL[/tag], why not be able to identify yourself with a URL?  In order to use an OpenID, all you have to do is register once with an OPENID [tag]server[/tag] site like http://myopenid.com and that might very well be the last time you ever register anything again (perhaps in the near future) :) ! You don’t even have to register with websites that are OpenID enabled, just “login” with your personal OpenID URL and you will be automatically registered.


It works; I’ve tried it.  You can try it here after you get your own OpenID.

I was so taken with the idea that I wanted to add the functionality here at mustech.net. After some intensive searching, I found a [tag]Wordpress[/tag] [tag]plugin[/tag] I was able to modify slightly for use on my [tag]K2[/tag] enabled site. Alan Castonguay and company have done a superb job with getting the bugs out of this plugin and making it both user friendly and functional. My hat off to you all!  You may find their WordPress plugin here:


Anywhere you see the following symbol: openid-3647860, you will be able to use your OpenID.  By the looks of it, this is catching on rapidly. I am taken with it and I hope that, soon, you will be able to use your OpenID everywhere that requires an initial registration.  Get your personal OpenID today, before somebody takes your name!

You can see the OpenID concept on this site by choosing the login or register link from the left sidebar.

To learn more about the OpenID project visit http://openid.net

~J. Pisano

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