I am happy to announce that the Technology Forums for Mustech.net are finally open and fully functional.  It took quite a bit of coding on my part to make the forum appear in a full page rather than having the sidebar with it taking up space.


The good news is that you don’t need to register to browse the database.  However, to post- you will need to register, it’s free! :D

Start a conversation and join in on the fun! Help others out, help us out! Once you register for the site or the forum, you don’t need to re-register for the other. I have this set up for a global registration.  And so you know, we’re never going to give your e-mail information to anyone!

The forum system uses the Gravatar (Global Avatar ) system. Check it out here: http://gravatar.com


We hope that these forums will be a benefit to everyone! You can get to the
forums by clicking on the tab above or the BIG forum image in the sidebar!

~J. Pisano

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