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Noteworthy Music Site #3: About: Music Education, Espie Estrella

About: Music Education is well.. all about music education!  Espie Estrella has put a tremendous amount of her time and expertise into running this site.  There are new posts almost every day and some days, more than one! It is full of useful tips and information.

Music educators will find this site particularly useful as there is an incredible amount of great resouces relating to them on her site.  The information found there can eaily be made into lessons plans (or used in conjunction with) or can be used as classroom resources, including: music timelines, individual instrument info., musician biographies, music theory help, music history help, music advocacy articles and much, much more.

This is must-see/must-use website if you are a music educator and a good resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about what music is really all “about”!

The Site:

                  ~J. Pisano

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