New Unbelievably Crazy Music Series: #1 Russian High Voice, Vitas

Unbelievably Crazy Music Video Series #1: Russian High Voice, Vitas


Post Date: 3/20/2007 by J. Pisano     Archives: See all our series

Viewing Rating: PG– For possibly scary costumes

Comment: You won’t believe a man can sing this high.  I know it’s possible, but Wow, to see this in reality is both Crazy and Unbelievable!  The first in an annual video posting under the heading: Unbelievably Crazy Music Video Series.

Video re-embedded 8/2009

Update: Readers have just informed me who this incredible counter-tenor is:
Vitalii (Vitas) Vladasovich Grachov-
More about him from Wikipedia


Copyright Information: All videos posted in our series are believed to be either listed under a CC, GNU license or are in the public domain.  If you are the owner of this video and would like to see it removed from our series, please email us.

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