Vista Gadgets For Musicians- My Top Five

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I am excited about [tag]Vista[/tag] [tag]Gadgets[/tag].   They are basically “widgets’ for the sidebar of your desktop. There are already a number of great “[tag]must have[/tag]s” for [tag]musicians[/tag] and [tag]music[/tag] lovers alike.

[tag]Microsoft[/tag] has a site where you can checkout the latest and greatest [tag]sidebar[/tag] gadgets for Vista. 

You can visit it here:

There are many gadgets categories including:

Fun & Games
Music, Movies & TV
Safety and Security
Search Tools
News and Feeds
And more!

Now onto the Top 5:

Piano: Tickle the ivories, play along with your music, or tune your instruments.
Download/ Description:

Metronome: Keep time or try beat matching your music with this metronome.
Download/ Description:

Media Player: Windows Media Player gadget, can be used to play media from the Windows Media Player media database, or individual files.
Download/ Description:

ITunes Accessory: Gadget for iTunes that displays track info, rating, and artwork.
Download/ Description:

Calculator: Although not specifically for musicians it certainly has been a great help to me!
Download/ Description:

Honorable Mention:

AccuWeather: Download the leading-edge in your personal weather experience from®


                ~J. Pisano

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