There is a little known program (if you call 100,000 copies in use little!) available for those needing help with [tag]lyrics[/tag] and [tag]rhyme[/tag].  Author and [tag]poet[/tag], [tag]Bryant McGill[/tag] has made available a [tag]freeware[/tag] program to help with lyrics or rhyming needs of any kind. If you are looking for lyrical help with your next composition, rap or love letter, this is a MUST HAVE program.


Currently in release 1.2, version 2.0 will be released within the week. Unfortunately for non-PC users, it is only available for the PC.

The program features multiple displays that will allow you to enter a word and receive three types of outputs: Direct Rhyme(standard), Phrases of the Rhyme, and Roundex (almost a rhyme).  For example, using the word technology:

Additionally, you can view the searched word via the “combined display”:

Finally, it offers the ability to look up definitions.  You must be connected to the Internet to use this feature.

Thanks to Bryant H. McGill for generously making it available, for free, to all of us!

Visit the site here:

~J. Pisano

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