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[tag]Civil Netizen[/tag] is in “Beta” and they are offering [tag]free[/tag] large size file deliveries to anyone from anyone.


Drag and Drop Interface
Up to 4 GB files! (Great for audio/video!)
128 Bit End to End Encryption
Resumable Transfers
No Spyware, No Adware

Currently is supports [tag]Mac[/tag] and [tag]Windows[/tag].  A [tag]Linux[/tag] version is coming 2007!

From Civil Netizen:

It’s time to get serious about [tag]file[/tag] [tag]delivery[/tag]. From small files such as family photos and business documents, to large files such as production files and multimedia assets, we know how important your files are to you.

Whether for personal or professional use, Civil Netizen helps you with data transfer for files up to 4GB in size through a simple drag-and-drop interface. No more FTP clients, zip utilities, encryption programs, and download managers. Your files are now 100% private and secure.

Best of all, Civil Netizen will always be free for unlimited use. Absolutely no adware or spyware.


~J. Pisano

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