Please Note: This is an old article and will be revised soon as a number of links are no longer working.  JMP 10/2008

There are many [tag]jazz[/tag] [tag]resources[/tag] available online ranging from radio stations to jazz [tag]theory[/tag] primers.  Below is a list of many of the sites, I find useful.  Let me know if you have any others you use frequently or like.   Almost of the sites that I have listed are [tag]free[/tag] to use personally and within the classroom.

                               ~J. Pisano

Latest Jazz News:

CD Reviews and Charts lists

Jazz at Lincoln Center:
Education, News and Resources

Jazz Times:
Magazine and Articles

Jazz Corner:
Great resources listing current artists, interviews and online collaboration

Latest News about the musicians and their music. Includes information about competitions

Jazz Police:
Live jazz guides and venue information
New faces and online community

National Public Radio’s Web Site

Magazine devoted to smooth jazz artists and fans

Interactive Learning Sites:

PBS Kids Jazz Site:
Interactive site for kids

Ken Burns Jazz Site:
Great Site full of good information (I wish they would fix some of the broken links!)

The Jazz Glossary:
Learn terms like “lick” and groove”

A Passion for Jazz:
Great site for learning about the history of jazz.  Also includes extensive articles related to jazz

Smithsonian Jazz:
Jazz history resources from National Museum of American History

Jazz in America:
A complete curriculum for teaching jazz in grade school, middle school, and high school. Includes lesson plans and online examples

Jazz Birthdays:
A list complied by Brian Tung containing the birth dates of many of the jazz greats.
Preserving jazz history by documenting the origins of the standards. Excellent RESOURCE!

Jazz Piano Chords & Scales:
Online Chord Builder/Solfeggio
Scale Theory

Jazz Lead Sheet Primer:
Bob Keller’s “Impro-Visor”

All That Jazz:
Midi Files for popular jazz tunes

Bob Keller’s Jazz Page:

Jazz Radio Online:

KJAZZ 88.1 Long Beach, CA:

WBGO 88.3 Newark, NJ:

WFCR 88.5 Amherst, MA:

KSBR 88.5:

KUVO 89.3 Denver, CO:


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