How would you like to be notified when an [tag]AMBER[/tag] [tag]alert[/tag] is activated for your area; even better, how would you like to be instantly notified when a known [tag]child[/tag]-[tag]molester[/tag] moves within 10 miles of your residence? What about the possibility of having your cell-phone receive a text message when there is an issue at your child’s school? provides you with all of these things and a lot more, FOR FREE! There are many sites on the internet that allow you to sign up to receive weather alerts, search your area for convicted child wrong-doers or even send you the latest “breaking news”. What this site does that I have yet to see at any other is to put all these services together into one great package. Without cost any cost to the user, allows you to download and install their software, for free, on your computer and make use of the resources available at their web.

You will be able to receive information and alerts when these types of events happen:

  • Amber Alerts are issued in your area
  • [tag]Sex[/tag] [tag]offenders[/tag] move into your neighborhood
  • Your child’s school issues an [tag]emergency[/tag] bulletin
  • The National [tag]Weather[/tag] Service issues a severe weather advisory
  • Dept. of [tag]Homeland[/tag] [tag]Security[/tag] changes to the Homeland Security Threat Level
  • When major news breaks in your area

You will be able to have these alerts sent to:

  • your computer
  • your cell phone
  • your instant messenger
  • your e-mail
  • your pager

In addition, the site offers these features:

  • Monitor multiple addresses with one account
  • Select only the alerts you want to receive
  • Alerts are only sent when they affect your geographic area
  • Select the time range when you want to receive alerts
  • Print a map and list of the sex offenders in your area
  • Print ready-made Amber Alert posters to post at your work or neighborhood
  • Password protect alerts from your children
  • View your current and past alert history

Currently, the computer software is only available for PC, but you can sign up and receive the cell phone, text messages and utilize most of the other features by visiting their website. I’ve been using their service for about a month now and I am impressed with both the conciseness of information and ease of use of the materials.

If you know of anyone who has children, should become a household name within their homes. This is one site you don’t want to ignore. Click here to go directly to the site:

~J. Pisano

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