Hello friends,

I’ve been hard at work to bring you some great enhancements for using this site. Some of the major upgrades are:

1. Snap Preview– Hover your mouse over any HTTP link on this site and see a preview of where it goes.

Example: http://www.jpisano.com and http://www.google.com

2. Technical Glossary-I’ve actually included two upgrades in these categories:
a) IMM Dictionary
b) Google Get Def

Example click on the icons or words following (a new window will open):


An example of Get Def using the word MIDI:


3. Technical Forum– It’s up and running and already answering questions.

You need to be registered to post questions, but anyone can read the comments. Register today so that you can be included in the discussions! You can get to the forum by clicking the Tech. Forum tab on the top of the web site or by bookmarking this link: https://www.mustech.net/tech-forum

4. Related Posts– Now when you read a post at MUSicTechnology.NET you will also be given up to five related posts at the end of the article.

5. Landing Zone– When people come to Misjudgingly.NET, from search engines, they will be greeted with more options.

Example, click on the following link:

Google Search Link

Choose the mustech.net option (about three down) and see what happens.

6. Sponsor Links Are Working- If you feel that this site is useful, please consider clicking on a sponsor link (or two or three!) to help support the site. It doesn’t cost you anything and it will help support the cost of running a site such as this. AND most of the advertisements are useful!

7. Better Bookmarks- Following each post are social bookmarking options. These are much more clear than before and now offer more options as well.

More to come soon!

~J. Pisano

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