Hello all and Happy New Year!!!

I Know I have been slow to post lately… With all of the Holiday events and finishing of the college year coupled with the “end of the tunnel” of my dissertational work- I haven’t given this site it’s due consideration. However, I am working on some exciting things to incorporate this year with the mustech.net site and I am going to share some of my ideas, “in the works” projects and “sandbox” initiatives for the New Year with you:

  • Blogcasts and Podcasts
    I have already put together a team of local and regional technology experts that will soon begin broadcasting bi-monthly podcasts centered solely on cutting edge “useful” technologies and simple explanations of the complexities of current technologies.
  • A Web 2.0 forum and Bulletin Board System
    If you haven’t noticed, I have been tinkering with a general forum here already (see the tabs above). It is my hope to have a forum held here for both experts and novices, music educators and musicians alike to discuss technologies as related to our field.
  • The first major Web 2.0 directory specifically for musicians and music educators
    This has been in the “sandbox” for about 3 months now. I finally finished the “look” of it about 2 months ago and haven’t had the time to populate it before I “officially” announce it. If you want to get a preview follow this link: http://muslinks.net
  • Expand the collection of musicednews.com
    This has been up for awhile now and I will pull it out of the “sandbox” by the end of January. This is an online news aggregator for music education related sites. You can preview it at http://musicednews.com
  • Add to the output of articles of this site
    I am looking for a couple of well written and well-educated co-authors for this site. If you are interested in helping me take this site to the “next level” please email me your resume/vita and a couple of examples of your written works @ jpisano@jpisano.com

Well, my biggest news resolution is to finish my dissertation, my next is to lose the weight I put on over the Holiday! :)  I hope that this site is and has been helpful to the many of you who are visiting it.  Please feel free to drop me a line either on this site or privately anytime!  Best wishes to all of you for a great New Year!

Please note, I am considering migrating to Drupal for this site. If you have any opinions about Drupal or WordPress please let me know.

                                            ~J. Pisano 2007!

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