It happens; you go to compose or transpose something and you find out that your don’t have any more staff paper!  Well… don’t worry anymore!  If you have access to the Internet (and you do if you are reading this! :) ) you can print almost any type of staff paper with only a few clicks of your mouse!

The Internet makes many things available to us for free, the problem is that many of us aren’t aware that these types of resources are available or know where to find them.  The following are a few of the better sites that I visit frequently for my own staff printing needs:

Blank Sheet Music . Net: provides a great graphical interface that allows you to select almost any type of clef and number of staves per sheet.  They have both a basic (easy to use) and advanced (still easy to use) interface for printing out exactly what you need.


Dolmetsch online . com: has a very large selection of staff paper that you can download and save to your computer or print from online.  These files are in .pdf format so you will need the Adobe Reader to view them or an Adobe enabled web browser.



Music Theory . Net: is Ricci Adams Site.  In addition to having a great staff paper generator it has a whole host of learning activities including theory lessons and ear training!  A must see regardless of the staff paper generator!

There are more sites available that have printable staff music and a quick Google search will bring up thousands of “hits”.  Regardless of what you find, I hope that you will enjoy these sites!

If you know of any other “must see” staff paper generating sites, or find yourself enjoying or using these ones, please let me know!

~J. Pisano

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