Have you ever needed to find an [tag]answer[/tag] from [tag]Britannica[/tag], Barron’s, Dictionaries, Wiki-Sources, CIA Facts, Roget’s Thesaurus or multiple authoritative sources?  If you want to search all of these sources simultaneously in one wide swath, [tag]Answers.com[/tag] just might be your “answer”!

Answers.com is now pulling information from over 100 “trusted” reference sources and combining all of the answers in one easy to use web resource. This site is a relatively new [tag]FREE[/tag] [tag]resource[/tag] that allows you to search over one-hundred authoritative sights with a simple click of the button.

One of the main differences between it and other “search engines” is the ability to ANSWER questions rather than returning a host of links that need to be manually sifted through and visited. Answers.com outputs the “answers” in a relatively clean and organized way.

If you are a [tag]teacher[/tag] or [tag]educator[/tag], this website will be a real boon. Every article or source that it pulls it’s information from is easily citeable using the “Cite” function located at the end of each resource it gleans from the Internet. 

In addition, Answers.com offers a teacher’s toolkit where you can find added educator-specific resources to use within the classroom. Due to the ease of use of Answers.com and it’s rapid search rate, the teacher may have an instance of it running on his/her computer and is able to rapidly “double-check” [tag]information[/tag] that might be a little bit “vague” if needed for discussion.  

This toolkit may be found here: http://www.teachers.answers.com/

In addition to having live searching (for an example of live search, try typing in my search-box in the upper right of the toolbar, it will find references to topics AS YOU TYPE!), Answers.com provides you with an incredible resource entitled “1-Click Answers”
and it can be found here: http://www.answers.com/main/download_answers_win.jsp

If you are using a Windows based (Mac & Linux to come soon!) machine and are using IE 6 or 7, Opera 8 or 9 or Firefox 1.5 or 2, you can use this feature. For instance, when browsing the web and you want to know more about something listed on the page, you may simply “ALT+CLICK” on the word and a pop-up will appear with more specific information.

I am very impressed with the shear usefulness of this site. Answers.com provides you with clear “answers” to your everyday questions AND presents them both in an easy to use, organized way that is also graphically appealing.

                               ~J. Pisano

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