I stumbled across this site, http://www.collegegrad.com, and found the materials and resources available from it quite good. They offer over 200 “Quick Start” [tag]Resume[/tag] Templates and a host of other features including an easy to use [tag]Job[/tag] [tag]Search[/tag] Engine. 

Almost everything on the site is free and you aren’t required to “log in” to download the templates or “build a resume” like other sites that are similar.

Some of the features found here include:

* Job Search Databases
* Online [tag]Salary[/tag] Calculators
* Cost Of Living Wizards
* Moving Expense Wizards
* [tag]Cover Letter[/tag]s
* Interviewing Help
* Career Information
* Employer Information
* Job Search Advice

The site is easy to use and has a great layout. Personally, I’m surprised I haven’t found it before, especially since it is a heavily trafficked site.

To go directly to the resume section click here: http://www.collegegrad.com/resumes/quickstart/

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