Illegal Media Users And Uploaders Take Note:

Very soon, any music you upload to [tag]YouTube[/tag] or [tag]Google[/tag] Video, and many other similar services, will be checked to see if it has been [tag]stolen[/tag] or [tag]ripped[/tag].

[tag]Gracenote[/tag] has developed (and been using for a long time) a copyright anti-theft technology that they are [tag]sharing[/tag] with major organizations. This software will scan media files as they are being uploaded to websites such as, YouTube, etc.  

As the [tag]technology[/tag] “[tag]scans[/tag]” the uploads, it compares them to a list of “Digital Signatures”. If the [tag]scan[/tag] finds your submitted materials to be copyrighted, a warning of the [tag]infringement[/tag] will be issued and, no doubt, logged!  If the upload is attempted again, you might (quite possibly) be banned from the service altogether.

Be prepared for a major battle in the upcoming days, weeks and months about the ramifications that the implementation of this technology will bring.

~Here we go again!

More information can be found about this topic in a very good article found here:

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