As of October 7, 2006, and have officially been changed to the domain:

There were many thoughts that went into changing this name, especially since it’s rapid success.  Since I went public on August 22, 2006 I have had over 20,000 unique IP visitors and hundreds of thousands of page hits.One of the problems of having a subdomain and or a subdirectory that is acting as a “main page” of information is proper submission to web directory listings and rankings within them.  In order to “nip this in the bud”, I have decided to go with the formal change earlier, rather than later.As of today, I have had 6 page postings and almost 50 regular postings.  Rather than deal with the problems of more than 56 links being in error, I’m changing now.

As with any major domain name change there will be linking issues.  Please pardon any of these link errors.  I am going to be actively changing over all pointers to this site in the next week.

                                 ~J. Pisano

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